General FAQs
Que Whose portal is ?
Ans is the site of the official portal of Municipal Corporation of Kalyan-Dombivli.
Que What are the online services provided by ?
Ans All Citizen enquires.
Downloading application forms of all services.
Online form filling and submission.
Online searching for Birth & Death Registration, Property Dues, Water Dues and many more….
Corporation & City Information.
Citizens can check supporting documents needed for all services.
Citizens can lodge a complaint for Water supply, Drainage, Roads, Health and so on…..
Citizens can know, exact status of their work, their complaint.
Citizens can apply for home delivery of Birth & Death and various other certificates
Que How Home Delivery Service is given by KDMC?
Ans This is How it happens…
Citizen request for service
Citizen searches Real-Time Database
Citizen select his records
Citizen gives contact details
KDMC makes a Tele Call-back, and confirms the service
Certificates printed and Home-Delivered, at Citizen's doorsteps
Que What is meant by "CFC" ?
Ans The Citizen Facilitation Centers (CFC) works at Kalyan, Dombivli and Wards for the betterment of facilities and quality of life of the citizens, where citizens can apply, lodge the complaints, gets certificates, pays water & tax bills.
Que What is Citizen-Id? How it is Generated ?
Ans Citizen Id is a unique idea, which is implemented first time by any Corporation.
Citizen Identification Number which is a unique number allotted to each Citizen.
Citizen Id is a 15 alphanumeric no. i.e. MH-KDMC-X000001
-First 2 characters indicate the State.
-4th to 7th characters indicate the organisation.
-8th character indicate the the first alphabet of the person name.
-Last six digits indicate the Serial number of the citizens of the alphabet.
Example : . MH-KDMC-R000955
Que What does the Application Token No. indicate?
Ans Application Token No. is implemented by the Corporation for the applications made by the Citizens.
Application Token Number which is a unique number allotted to each application.
Application Token No. is a 13 Digit no.
-First 2 digits indicate the Organisation.
-Next 2 digits indicate the Year.
-Next 2 digits indicate the Month.
-Next 2 digits indicate the Date.
-Next 5 digits indicate the running serial number of that date
Example : . 1102092300023
Que How can I know the status of my application ?
Ans You can know the status of an application by clicking on the Online Services link in the Home page if you know the Token No. You can search for the application by clicking on I don't remember my application Token number, help me to search it
Que How to lodge a Complaint in
Ans You can lodge a complaint to online through  by clicking on Complaints link in the Home page.
Que How to know the status of the Complaint?
Ans You can view the status of the Complaint  online by providing the Complaint Token No. The details of the action taken and with whom the Complaint is currently with can be viewed.
Que What does the Complaint Token No. indicate?

 Complaint No 01-01-2005-1269

First two digits i.e.01 – Indicates Organisation ID 

Second two digits i.e. 

          01 – Indicates Kalyan HQ;

          02 – Indicates A Ward;

          03 – Indicates B Ward;

          05 – Indicates D Ward;

          06 – Indicates Dombivli Div.;

          07 – Indicates Net;

          08 – Indicates Telephone;

          09 – Indicates H Ward;

 Next  four Digit i.e. 2005 – Indicates current year 

 Last  Digits indicates running serial number of the complaint

Que How I can know the Dues of my Property Tax or Water Bill?
Ans You can know the dues of Property Tax or Water Bill by clicking on the Online Services link in the Home page and next queries if you know the Property No. or Water Connection No. You can search for the application by clicking on I don't remember my Water Connection number, help me to search it