Water Department

Projects -(Old)

The Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation is formed including two erstwhile councils, namely Kalyan and Dombivli with their sourrounding villages. Initially the Corporation used to supply water from other organization sources i.e. MIDC source. In early 90s' it was planned to have own source for meeting increasing demand of water due to the population explosion. First time the Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation has undertaken full fledged water supply scheme namely '90 MLD' scheme. The details of the projects carried out by the Corporation under this scheme are as follows:

   Name of the Project         : 90 MLD SCHEME FOR K.D.M.C.
   Date of Commencement   : JANUARY 1993
   Date of Commissioning     : AUGUST 1995
   Cost of Project                 : RS. 69 CRORES
   Scope of Project               :

     1. Augmentation of Old Raw Water Pumping Station at Mohane.
     2. Construction of Water Treatment plant at Barave.
     3. Laying of Raw Water Pumping Main and pure water transmission main for Kalyan and     Dombivli.
     4. Augmentation of DIstribution Network by laying of pipe lines and constructing
        of new ESRs.

Projects -(New)

In the late 1990s' inspite of the above projects due to increased demand of water and distributuion problems, the Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation had undertaken certain projects in a view to provide certain priliminary planning. This included strengthening and increasing the capacity of source, under which the following works have been under taken.

      Name of the Project         : New Raw Water Pumping Station at MOHANE
      Date of Commencement  : JULY -1999
      Date of Commissioning    : FEBRUARY - 2001
      Cost of Project                 : Rs. 1.85 CRORES
      Scope of Project                :
              1. Ultimate capacity - 216 MLD
              2. Installed capacity -144 MLD

      Name of the Project : Construction of 54 MLD W. T. P. AT BARAVE
      Date of Commencement : JANUARY - 2001
      Date of Commissioning : MAY - 2002
      Cost of the Project : Rs. 3.8 CRORES
      Scope of Project :
          1. Construction of all units required to increase the capacity of existing W. T. P. BY 54 MLD
          2. Increasing the pure water pumping capacity to 144 MLD

Improvment in Distribution

Due to non-availability of adequate pressure at the source of MIDC and the non-availability of sufficient storage, the following projects to improve the distribution in dombivli East is undertaken under the Integrated City Development Programme.
   Name of the Project         : Construction of Sump and Pumping Station and Installation of V.T. Pumps at 3                                              places in Dombivli.
   Date of Commencement   : JULY 2000
   Date of Commissioning     : JUNE 2001
   Cost of Project                 : Rs. 3.40 CRORE.
   Scope of Project               :
     1. Construction of sump and pump house at Ramchandra Theatre ESR, Nandivli Road ESR and Ayre          Road ESR.
     2. Installation of V.T. Pumps of various capacities.
     3. Installation of V.T. Pumps of various capacities.

With the above project for improving and augmenting the existing distribution system in Kalyan East, Kalyan West and Dombivli West, the following works are on-going.

On-Going Projects

       Name of the Project : Construction of 7.5 ML Water Treatment Plant on Kalu River near Titwala; For                                         Manda, Titwala Water Supply Scheme.
       Date of Commencement : SEPTEMBER 2000.
       Date of Commissioning :
       Cost of the Project : Rs. 2.84 CRORE.
       Scope of Project :
            1. Construction of 7.5 ML capacity water treatment plant on Kalu river near Titwala village.
            2. Construction of 5 lack liter capacity MBR.
            3. Repairing of existing K. T. Wier.

Other On-Going Projects

Construction of New ESR at Barave and Govindwadi in Kalyan west.
Laying new distribution pipe line in New Zone in Kalyan west.
Construction of 15ML capacity reservior at netivali for emergency storage.
Construction of ESRs in Dombivli at Ayre Road ESR, Thakurli ESR, Dindayal ESR.
Improvement in Transmission in Dombivli.

Planed Project for the Future

Considering the development around Kalyan and Dombivli Cities and the improvement of the distribution network, the following works are planned.

1. Laying Of Seperate Transmission For Birla College And Adharwadi Esr.
2. Improvement Of Distribution Network By Constructing Sump And Pump  House, And Remodifying The     Zones In Dombivli West.
3. Additional Distribution Network In Chole And Nandivali Road.
4. Construction Of Sump And Pump House At Patharli.
5. Additional Distribution Network In Chinchpada And Tisgaon In Kalyan East.

Besides the above mentione projects, another water treatment plant is proposed to be constructed along the banks of the Ulhas river, for meeting the demands of the Kalyan Rural areas.