Town Planning Department

The Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation (KDMC) is a planning Authority for KDMC area excluding M.I.D.C. area. Town Planning Department of KDMC is looking after implementation of Development plans as per M. R. & T.P. Act, 1966 and B.P.M.C. Act, 1949.

For the purpose of the implementation of development plan, KDMC area is organized into 8 sectors.

Development plans of Dombivli city & Kalyan city are sanctioned by Government of Maharashtra in the year 1976 and 1980 respectively. Revised draft development plan for KDMC area is published on 5th December 1996, said development plan is under security and is expected to be sanctioned by Government of Maharashtra in due course.

The basic function of the Town Planning Department is implementation of D.P. proposals in co-ordination with other departments of KDMC. It includes D.P. Road, reservations, their demarcations, acquisition of lands required for development of D.P. proposals in consultation and through collector office. Also lands are acquired by the private negotiations by offering them monitory compensations or T.D.R. whichever is possible.